Importance of pre-booking a taxi at Port Douglas International Airport

Importance of pre-booking a taxi at Port Douglas International Airport

Pre-booking is the service which allows us to book any service in advance to avoid all those related issues, associated with that particular service. The significant objective of pre-booking is the saving of time which has specific cost and price for every person. Port Douglas is the tourist town of Australia, located at Queensland, always influx with millions of visitors, especially in the peak tourism season, starting from May to September. The city is also famous for its neighboring world Heritage sites, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest.

Airport Taxi Service

This brief description of Port Douglas is adequate to know the importance of pre-booking service in this city, especially when it comes to pre-book a taxi. Similar to big cities, Port Douglas is also one where pre-booking of taxi is becoming popular due to its enormous benefits. Pre-booking a taxi can save time efficiently which is the prime concern of every traveler, particularly business traveler. Port Douglas is filled with natural beauty in forms of beaches and forests and it is stated that the city has become a tourist hub in Australia as millions of tourists visits this city. In such scenario, pre-booking of a taxi is very essential to avoid all troubles and to save the time in your travel.

There are several budget-friendly and professional companies of taxis which are providing pre-booking service 24 hours a day from Cairns Airport. It is estimated that from cairns airport to Port Douglas, taxi took 70 to 120 minutes which is an ideal travelling time as compare to other mode of transport. Taxi service is also cheap and economical with respect its fare charges. Port Douglas taxi will charge you approximately $ 200 from Cairns airport to Port Douglas city but this rate can vary if you add more destinations in your travel from/to the airport.

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All you need to do, make a call, provide your traveling details and taxi will arrive at airport to pick you for your pre-determined destination. By following this simple procedure, anyone can avoid long queues for transport, unfair charges, long arguments and bickering with drivers. Taxis are neat and clean and safe mode of transport in the city like Port Douglas where things change drastically, bringing something new for everyone. Ostensibly, taxis don’t follow pre-determined routes, giving you freedom to personalize your trip in this amazing city. In nutshell, it is highly recommended to pre-book a taxi, if you truly want to enjoy the wonders of Port Douglas.


Nice places in Port Douglas

Nice places in Port Douglas

Port Douglas

There are lots of places to visit in Australia but Port Douglas is a must watch for travelers. A huge number of travelers from around the world visit Port Douglas to spend their holiday. Port Douglas is a renowned town in Australia. This town has got developed by mining industry. Port Douglas is situated besides two world heritage place like Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. This place has succeeded to grab attention of the travelers around the world because of its chraming and amazing places. This place has got the 3rd place among the 100th places to visit in Australia.

Sea sight shore and sand beach with night life is the main attraction of the city. So many spend their leisure time and loved this place.

Rainforestation Nature Park

Rainforestation Nature Park

Rainforestation Nature Park is a great place for day out. They three sections and have food facility there. This place is well managed and beautifully organized. If you want to spend some special time with your then family then you can enjoy by seeing rainforest and charming scenery with waterfalls.

Australia Butterfly Sactuary

Australia Butterfly Sactuary

This place is a beautiful butterfly garden and the way to spend a amazing time. Its really great for them who loves butterfly. This butterfly garden has most of species of rare butterflies.

Ballyhooley Steam Railway

Ballyhooley Steam Railway


To experience the fun of riding steam you should check the Ballyhooley Steam Railway. This will be very funny and easy time passing. This trains are old and it runs about 4km from Marina on only Sundays.

The Clink Theater

Clink Theater

This theater is located in a known place in port douglas. The building of the theater is ver beautiful full with history of different time. Auditorium, acoustics band, set of arrangements and best bar having with it grabs the attention of the traveler.

The Rain forest Habitat

Rain forest Habitat

This rain forest Habitat will give you the chance to experience Australia’s wild animal life. It’s a nice place to observe and spend quality time in a place like this. Sightseeing and lost yourself in the deepness of the forest will be the best.

Port Duoglas is nice place for visiting and a will show you a cool way of living in the sea side areas. The people of Port Douglas have managed the town properly and it’s a perfect to visit there.